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158                          ,                      LOCAL MAKUPACTUEES.
only otter specialities 'are of very minor. importance. One is the manufac-
ture of little brass images, which, though of exceedingly coarse execution, com-
mand a large sale among pilgrims -and visitors, especially the religious toy
called Vasudeva Katora (described at page 54); the other the manufacture
of paper. This is made in three sizes. The smallest, which is chiefly in demandj
is called Man-Sinhi and varies in price, according to quality, from Rs. 1-8 to
Bs. 2-G a gaddi or bundle; the medium size, called Bichanda, sells for Rs. 4 n
gaddi; and the larger size, called Syalkoti, for Bs. 10. The factories are some
100 in number and can turn out in the course of the day 150 gaddis, every
gaddi containing 10 dastas of 24 takhtas, or sheets, each. There is also a
kind of string made which is much appreciated by natives. It is chiefly used
for lowering lotas, the ordinary brass drinking cups of the country, into wells
to draw water with.  The price' is about three or four anas tor 40 yards. A
coloured variety is made for temple use.